Christmas Greetings Exchange Project

Christmas Greetings exchange Project

ccGlobal ChristmasThis project is for everyone. Teachers, classrooms and families in the #ccGlobal community.

  1. Create a Christmas greeting however you want to do it, e.g. animoto, glogster etc
  2. Once the message is created, embed the URL for the message behind a QR Code. You can create a QR code here: are some examples of a Christmas story created in Animoto (by Liam’s son Calem as a grade 3 student) embedded in a QR code to give an idea of colourful QR codes. These can be seen on the Photos page of the Ning.
  3. Post a physical Christmas card to other #ccGlobal schools/folk participating and spread the goodwill this festive season.
  • Follow the great discussion with more detailed instructions about it in the Ning here.
  • Join the project by filling out some details in this Google Form:
  • Participating #ccGlobal members can be found  in this Google Doc: is the list of folk to post the card with the included QR code.

The project is also runnung as an Advent Calendar of Christmas Greetings being broadcast on each day in December leading to all messages being broadcast on Christmas Day. The greetings will be posted on School pages on the QR-Christmas wiki.

The broadcasts are happening as follows:

  1. via Twitter
  2. via Facebook with an Advent Calendar photo album. Images and message URLs posted every day of Advent
  3. via Google Plus with an Advent Calendar photo album. Images and message URLs posted every day of Advent

So get on board and share the fun and goodwill for this exciting festive season.

There will also hopefully be a web page with a Christmas tree that will have the QR codes as decorations on it. Watch this space for more details later ….

Join a great bunch of collaborating educators in #ccGlobal by following this invitation:

Cheers, LD


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