Eighth Grade Collaborative Project

I am going to be meeting my eighth grade (13/14 year old) students today. They specifically asked to do some sort of global collaborative project this year. We’re going to start a Google Presentation on the decades from 1900-2009 over the next few weeks, then I’d like to begin work on something collaborative outside the school walls.

We are using Google Apps for Education and Edmodo (among others). I was wondering if anyone has students in the same age group and would anyone like to brainstorm a project with me. I meet my students twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. These projects tend to take a while to complete because we only have 84 minutes per week together.

In New Jersey (USA) we have Core Curriculum Content Standards to be mastered by eighth grade. A couple of the standards that I’d like to include are:

Digital tools and environments support the learning process and foster collaboration in solving local or global issues and problems.

*   Participate in an online learning community with learners from other countries to understand their perspectives on a global problem or issue, and propose possible solutions.

The use of digital tools and media-rich resources  enhances creativity and the construction of knowledge.

* Synthesize and publish information about a local or global issue or event on a collaborative, web-based service

Technological advancements create societal concerns regarding the practice of safe, legal, and ethical behaviors.

* Model appropriate online behaviors related to cyber safety, cyber bullying, cyber security, and cyber ethics.

* Summarize the application of fair use and Creative Commons guidelines.

* Demonstrate how information on a controversial issue may be biased.

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Ann OroPermalink Reply by Ann Oro on Friday

I’ve given further thought to this project. For the last couple of years, I’ve had my eighth grade students become time travel agents. They are assigned a decade and have to create a presentation in Google Apps to persuade their classmates to travel back in time to their decade.

As I thought about ccGlobal, I realized this would make a great point of view project. How does an American student choose to present their decade versus a student from Ireland, or Australia, or even a different state in the union such as Virginia?

What I am imagining so far is that the students create their own presentations within a school. Then they could partner up with another class. The students could view each other’s presentation from the same decade. They would finish by either using Edmodo, Skype, or another platform to discuss how their point of view was different.

Any interest?

I’m including some links below. I have a lot of resources for this project.

I have the outline of the lesson on my lesson plans page.

You can see a sample student presentation from two years ago here.

These are some blog posts I wrote about the project:

Google Presentations and the Eighth Grade

Time Travel Agency and a Unique Way to Pick Groups


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