Games Survey

ccGlobal folk, pleas pass on this games survey (“> to your students. It was created by my Year 10 students who are exploring concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Modelling & Simulation, and Multimedia in games. They have tried to keep the questions at a level that should hopefully be easily understood and accessible to students (and teachers/parents) of all ages.
I have created a group in Edmodo for further feedback and connection with my students. Please join the ccGlobal group (group code: ov6j9x). I will give all teachers co-teacher status, so that you can add students and give them student collaborator status. My students would love to hear from you and your students.
Cheers, Liam

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Karen Heathcock

Video Game Survey

From Karen Heathcock to You
Sent Sep 20

Hi Liam,

I had a small group of fifth graders respond to your students’ survey. They were very excited to be contributing!

Karen Heathcock
Gifted Resource Teacher
Broadus Wood Elementary School
Earlysville, Virginia

From Ann Oro to You
Sent Sep 20


I have just got started with my students in the new school year. My eighth grade students (13/14 year olds) will take the survey in the next half hour. We’ll be happy to Skype with you.


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