Global Celebrations and Festivities

What started as a possible connect between my daughters class and Michael Thornton’s class has grown.  It’s amazing what a difference a Friday night chat on Twitter can make !!  Having heard anout Michael’s Skype adventures with his class, I was anxious for my daughter to experience something like this so the discussion began.  As is often the case with Twitter, an initial idea can very quickly be fleshed out into a viable plan.


We thought that an initial connect around Halloween would be a good idea so we plan to have a Google+ hangout around Halloween to allow classes from different cultures to discuss how Halloween is celebrated in their culture.  To quote Liam “smal prep : “how we celebrate” leading to shared #ccGlobal experience”.


The intention is to follow up with hangouts on other holidays as appropriate.  The discussion continued around other possible activities supporting the hangout such as:


– creating cards or artwork in the the run up to the chosen holiday and sending these by post to another class

– sharing cards and artwork virtually

– discussing favourite books

– possibly ending the hangout year by getting individual classes to prepare a box of goodies to send to another class.  I think this would be great as kids in the US, for example, could sample chocolate, candies etc from places like Ireland and vice versa.  It might be a nice way to sign off after the year of connecting


Any thoughts, ideas etc. are welcome regarding the plan so far.


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