Story tunnel (Poetry and Art) voiceThread

Following on from the success of the “Come see Australia” voiceThread connection, the students at Van Meter School created original stories to go with their story tunnel
project they did in art class and showcased their work (poetry and Art) in voiceThreads to share with their new friends in Sydney.

VanMeter Story Tunnel voiceThread

Van Meter Story Tunnels voiceThread 1

St Augustines College students enthusiastically commented on the work of the Van Meter students.

VanMeter Story Tunnel 2 voiceThread

Van Meter Story Tunnels 2 voiceThread

It was great visiting with our friends from St. Augustine’s this school year. 
We look forward to meeting up with them again when school starts in August.
Janelle Thompson (Grade 5 teacher at Van Meter)  as reported in her blog about the connection.

St Augustine’s College students feel the same way about this great connection that put a great deal of interest into their learning this year.

Groups involved

  • St Augustine’s College – Sydney, Primary School

    • Liam Dunphy, Teaching & Learning Technologies Coordinator
    • Andrew Allmark, Year 5 Teacher and his 5A class
    • Liz Armenio, Year 5 Teacher and her 5L class
  • Van Meter Elementary School

    • Shannon Miller, Teacher/Librarian
    • Janelle Thompson, 5th Grade teacher
    • Van Meter 5th grade students

Technology used for connection

    • Skype
    • voiceThread

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