St Augustine’s College – Sydney

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Contact: Liam Dunphy, Teaching & Learning Technologies Coordinator or or on Twitter @LiamDunphy and Skype: Liam_Dunphy.

This video was created by Chris Egger’s Year 6 students who wanted to take the Van Meter students on a tour of St Augustine’s College – Sydney and the local Northern Beaches region of Sydney.

Tour of St Augustine's College - Sydney

Video Tour of St Augustine's College - Sydney

The following is an extract from the Google Doc that was used to help Van Meter School, Iowa USA learn more about St Augustine’s College – Sydney

St Augustine’s College perspective and background

St Augustine’s College – Sydney is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, in the suburb of Brookvale. It is an Independent Boys Catholic School with a stong Augustinian ethos and culture built on “Communitas” (Unity, Community), “Veritas” (Truth, knowledge, understanding, respect) and “Caritas” (Love, compassion, social justice). There are 1140 boys enrolled in the 5-12 College.

St Augustine’s College is learning about connected classrooms. It is hoped that the vast experience of Van Meter’s connections will assist in helping to get up to speed quickly with the necessary skills to start a whole new set of connected classrooms.

St Augustine’s College would like to be able to use the experience gained from connecting with Van Meter to start  building connected classrooms with other Augustinian schools throughout the world including St Rita’s of Cascia High School in Chicago (7740 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL, 60620) and Villanova College in Brisbane, QLD..

St Augustine’s College (ca 1140 students) is made up of three schools:
1 – Primary School for Years 5 and 6 (aged 10-12 years, i.e. usually 10 when they start and 12 by the time they finish), roughly 70-80 boys in each year group
2 – Middle School for Years 7 to 9 (aged 12-15),  roughly 150-160 boys in each year group
3 – Senior School for Years 10 to 12 (aged 15-18),  roughly 150-160 boys in each year group

A Government  initiative lead to a 1:1 laptop program starting for Year 9s in 2009 and again in 2010, so two year groups (Y9 and Y10) have started our rollout of 1:1. Our aim is to continue this momentum throughout the school. It will require that some of the cost be shared by parents. Currently there are discussions about how this will take place. The Primary school is reluctant to embrace 1:1 at the moment and so we are considering a School-based rollout for the other schools with Y7 next year to start the Middle School rollout. It is envisioned that Middle School and Senior School will be fully 1:1 by 2013 or 2014. The situation in Primary will be reviewed again later. An alternative plan is to have the rollout in two 4-year phases, i.e. Y5-8 and Y9-12 which would require Primary embracing the program.

Since this was written in the Google Doc collaboration document for the initial Van Meter connection, the 1:1 discussions have progressed to considering a Year 5 roll-out for 2012 and also the possibility of holding off in 2012 and planning for a complete rollout for 2013.


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