• Albemarle County Public Schools

Pam Moran(@pammoran Superintendent of ACPS, VA) contacted Liam Dunphy (@LiamDunphy of St Augustine’s College – Sydney) to explore the possibility of connecting ACPS with classrooms in Sydney. Since ACPS has 26 schools, the project has the potential to overwhelm a single school so rather than let the project fail for some, the Connected Classrooms project became a project where multiple schools could inter-connect with various other schools allowing greater opportunities for meaningful connections to be established.

This Google Doc contains a current list of ACPS collaborators who are keen to explore Connected Classrooms. The Google Doc was set up by Michael Thornton (@mthornton78 of Meriwether Lewis Elementary School) so that collaborators could share contact details. Another Google Doc was used to start the collaboration process, extracts from it are reproduced below in the appropriate section for the school concerned.

    • Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

contact: Michael Thornton

Example Curricular Connection:
Curricular connection: Third grade studies night/day and seasons.  It would be cool to do joint project with an class in Sydney on these topics.  The connection would provide an opportunity to compare and contrast Australia and United States when it comes to hemispheric differences.   Michael Thornton (Meriwether-Lewis ACPS )

This would need to be done by older kids at St Augustine’s as we are a 5-12 school. I will promote connections at the forthcoming TeachMeet next week and try to get more schools on board. There is no reason though that such a project is age-based. The shared PBL would be fun whatever the age.
Liam Dunphy (St Augustine’s College – Sydney)

    • Monticello High School

contact Mae Craddock

I am a 9th grade English teacher in Albemarle County and I would love to connect with a classroom in Australia!    The 9th grade curriculum focuses on ancient literature  – reading: Gilgamesh, Hammurabi, the Illiad, Odyssey, and then transitioning the renaissance with Romeo and Juliet.  I’ve traditionally started the semester by focusing on origin stories and connecting my students to their ancient past by exploring commonalities between myths.  This may be a place where a connection to Australia would be amazing as we already read the Aboriginal origin story.  Emphasizing as many commonalities with other cultures would really drive the message home.

Our students live close to Monticello (the home of our third president) and the University of Virginia.  They enjoy hiking, sports (soccer, basketball, american football, baseball, and lacrosse), and service projects.
Mae Craddock English Teacher
Monticello High School. Charlottesville, VA;; @imcraddock  Skype – iltennan

    • Woodbrook Elementary School

contact: Corrie Kelly

Virtual book groups would be a fun way to connect with my groups– I work K-5 but could see this working best with 4th/5th graders.  We could choose a book together and then let students create a google doc of questions, thoughts, and reflections.
Corrie Kelly (Woodbrook Elem- ACPS)

Our Librarian, Vicki Lewis, wants to organise a “Read around the world” project in late August. It would be great to have a number of schools collaborating on such a project. It could be a whole school project, but will work best with our younger students in Primary (Years 5 & 6) and Middle School (Years 7 to 9). 
Liam Dunphy (St Augustine’s College – Sydney)

I would love for my students to participate in Read Around the World.  How would Vicki like this to begin and what should it look like?
Corrie (   t: @corriekelly)


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